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Have you ever thought you could have been an animal in a past life???

Maybe you could be one in the next???

Check out this video of a horse that has an interesting intellect, making a case for this concept... OR, (for my TF friends) could have been a human girl at one point???

Watch -->  Did this horse used to be human???!!!…

Please comment!
:fish: Real mermaid?!?!? :fish: ...See for your self:

Please watch and feel free to comment... thank you!
To all my DA friends, THANK YOU so much for enjoying my photo-manipulations and TF stories...  I know the TF world is a small community, although there are other open-minded people out there who appreciate this form of interest/fantasy/shared dream...

I told my self a while ago that if I reach 100 watchers I would give a free commission to # 100... So, I would like to congratulate Lordoffruit for his small, humble prize.  :winner: And thank you again!

By the way, I am always open to suggestions if anyone wants to see something in particular, or want to see yourself transformed, just let me know...
Thanks!  :woohoo: :boogie: :woohoo: :boogie: :woohoo: :boogie: :woohoo: :boogie: :woohoo: :boogie: :woohoo: :boogie:

:shakefish: Mermaid discussion :shakefish:

Hi all, 'tis me... :)

I am wanting to discuss our fascination with mermaids...

Please comment on this journal and answer this question (to yourself and all of us mermaid fans)...

Q:  What got you into this odd fascination???

* Was it because you saw a movie and thought WOW :wow: she's hot!!!???
* Was it a dream you had of becoming one yourself????

Q:  If you had the opportunity to become one yourself?  Would you leave your world behind for a new one (as a mermaid/merman)???

Please comment as I think this is a VERY interesting topic...

Thanks and Keep swimming!!! :fish:
Hello DA friends...

I am willing to do art trades... If you would like to see yourself transformed in a photo (to whatever animal or mythical creature you wish), please let me know... I would also give you a photo of me or my friends for you to use your creative outlets as well...
I am a very open-minded person, as I am sure most of you are too... Let's have fun with this and as always, keep up the great work guys.


Hello all... I'm back...

Some of you may have noticed some of my artwork before... Due to someone hacking into my site and messing with it... I have chose a new alias.  Thank you and please, feel free to comment and add suggestions for future work... THANKS!!!