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The OTHER White Meat

(girl to pig TF)

Marty Lanrow was typical country boy.  He had his dreams, as we all do, although his was different than what his parent's wised for him.  He had always wanted to own and maintain a working farm.  His father grew up in hard times, as a mailman in a small country town.  Because of the lack of work, he was the guy known around town who would work any "odd jobs" just to help pay the bills.  Of course, all fathers want the best for their children, and he wanted Marty to go to collage, and get a "real job" a big city somewhere.  Marty had other plans.. He saw an add in the paper for a farm hand on a live-stock farm a few counties away.  He told his father that he will think about it while working.  His mother told his father that at least this is a good paying job and he can pay for college when he's ready.  Mr. Lanrow agreed and Marty was off the next day to the farm to start work.

Marty drove his beat up pick-up truck to this beautiful, big farm.  He pulled up to the house, rang the doorbell and was met by someone he didn't expect.  Mr. Framper's daughter opened the door and Said: "Hello?  ...You must be Marty.  My name is Olivia.  Come in and wait at the kitchen table and my dad will be right with you."  Marty was speechless.  He just didn't expect any good looking girl would be living on a farm.  Although her appearance was a little unusual for a country girl.  She was dressed in black, had dark eyeshadow and combat boots over black and white striped socks.  Mr. Framper saw Marty staring in her direction and said:  "I'm sorry for my daughter's appearance.  She can be a handful... One day she believes in magic and the next, she dresses like a goth."  Marty said: "No, sir... She is a beautiful girl, if you don't mind me saying... very polite too."  Mr. Framper just cleared his throat and made a gesture with his hand for him to follow.  He followed Mr. Framper to each of the barns as He was told of his duties.  "I cleaned out the garage and made it into a dormatory for you to stay in until you find a place of your own, near the area.  Olivia watched every moment from her second story window.

The months had passed as Marty was acknowledged as a very hard worker and he could see he had a passion with the animals.  This intrigued Mr. Framper as he also saw the quiet romance growing between him and his daughter.  One morning at breakfast, Mr. Framper asked Marty what his goals are.  Marty was quick to respond and said.  "Well, sir, I have always wanted a farm of my own.  I always loved animals and just being out with nature.  My father want's me to go to school, but..."  Mr. Framper interrupted Marty and said:  "Son, If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life... I have watched you and my daughter and how you look at each other... Now-now, let me finish... I like you, your a hard worker and you share my passion with this farm.  I'd like to see my daughter with a guy like you, so...just remember, if you want to take her out, you don't even have to ask..."  Marty, stunned by what he was told couldn't even muster the word thanks.

Marty and Olivia soon went out.  First on the weekends, but soon, it grew into something much more.  After two years of working on the farm, Marty and Olivia were married.  This gave Mr. Framper a chance to follow his new dream.  After finishing cleaning the horse stalls, Mr. framper pulled Marty aside and said.  "I have a serious question to ask...  I would ask you with Olivia here, but I already know her answer...  I wanna retire.  I wish to give the full responsibility of the farm to you and my daughter.  I just bought a house in Florida and I look forward to starting the quiet life on the beach... You think you can handle it?"  Marty was so over-joyed at this notion that he gave Mr. Framper a giant bear hug and shouted: "Thank you, thanks...YES... of course I will!!!"  Mr. Framper smiled and walked back to the house.
Olivia knew the first thing she wanted to do on the farm.  She had always liked pigs, but her father would never have them... He didn't like the smell, plus he said they cost too much to maintain.  But she knew Marty would love the idea.

As soon as her father left for Florida, the newly married couple fixed up the old, small tractor shed and made it into a small barn for the future herd of pigs, followed by two sections of pig pens with adjoining gates for access. The next day, they purchased a sow and a boar to start their new herd.  They named the sow, Norma and the boar, Bruiser.  Norma and Bruiser did not waste much time in producing a littler of piglets.  Six in all, four sows and two boars.  This made Marty and Olivia feel like they now have the perfect farm.  One night, after watching the young piglets, the talk at dinner was about the up-coming country fair.  They could enter their sow in the main show for some much needed prize money.  After agreeing that Norma would be perfect, they couldn't wait for the show two months later.  That night there was a large storm.  Marty and Olivia went down to the basement celler, as they feared it could be a big one.  Tornadoes have destroyed two giant dairy farms on the other side of the road just a few years ago.  There was not enough time to check on the animals, just enough to secure the cellar doors.  The next morning, there were no signs of damage to the house, but it did bring down and old oak tree that took out part of the pigs fencing.  as Olivia went to check on the litter, all were accounted for except for the mother.  They looked everywhere on the farm for the large sow but to no avail.  Marty had a theory that the storm spooked the old sow, ran through the damaged section of fence to the creek near the woods that boarder the farm.  Sure enough, Marty came upon the remains of Norma, torn apart by the coyotes that plagued the area.  Marty took the tractor down to the creek, loaded the corpse and brought it to the side of the dumpster for proper disposal.  Olivia was crushed over the loss of pig, not for the old sow, but how will the litter survive?

Marty and his wife argued over what to do with the litter.  It is too expecive to buy another sow, and Olivia did not want to sell any of the animals, including the litter.  Marty simply said: "Honey, I'll think of something..."  Olivia ran upstairs to her old room and started going through her old closet.  Marty followed, curious about what she was doing.  "I've got it!"  She said with excitement.  "The perfect solution to our problem..."  She pulled out a dusty book with strange symbols on it.  Marty looked at her strangely, saying: "Oh,!  Your father warned me you got into that Wicca stuff... We are not going to try to raise Norma back from pig heaven."  Olive just smiled and said: "No, silly, it's not for Norma, It's for ME!  What if I could change into a lactating sow for a bit, just until the piglets get weened off nursing.  There is a spell called  "Nature in Need- the are of shape-shifting"... You see, just right here!  I remember reading this long ago."  "Honey!" Marty exclaimed. "That is not practical.  ...If magic really DID exist, well why don't we wish for money?"  Olivia continued.  "Well, I've always just wanted to TRY this spell... Please, I believe there is a purpose to this."  Marty decided to agree, even though he didn't believe in magic, at least this "activity" will keep her mind off of the situation for a while.  Besides, it seems to make her happy.

They walked to the now, vacated pig barn and Olivia explained the details of the spell.  "Remember..." She said. "The spell is called "Nature In Need..." This one on the third page is for pigs... The spell will end when the roll I filled is over.  Look, it even says right here... "If the animal in question is was a nursing mother, the spell well reverse itself after the need for nursing the animals young is over."  ...But then it says Caution: Be aware that certain instinctual behaviors could extend the spells duration...yadda-yadda-yadda..."  Okay... we don't have to worry about the warnings, I can handle this... it's a small farm, and I've got you!  So, lets get started, shall we?" As they were set up, Olivia drew a large star with a circle.  She lit three candles at each point of the star and sat in the middle.  Marty, still thinking of how funny this all was to him, told her that she should strip off her clothes as pigs don't wear any.  Olivia, taking her husband serious, said: "You're right honey!" and promptly strip down to her bare skin.  Marty thought to himself "Hmm.. this is kinda kinky, we should play magic more often."  Olivia turned to her husband and told him to get the pig blood from the cup and pour it over her.  Marty was thinking that this was taking it a little too far, but decided to play along anyway.  Once he started to drip the blood on her body, she grabbed his hand and made her pour it, covering more of her body.  "Okay, it is time to read the words I circled in the book for you... then It should start happening."  Marty felt silly chanting words form a book of magic, but he took one deep breath, and said:

"Succanta Lanutca..."  "Onna Ranoto"  "Lunacia Deppi"  "Homo Novo Porcus"

Marty looked at her and was getting ready to tell her how silly this whole thing was until he saw her cough and fall to her side, violently shaking.  He was wandering if she was just acting or something was in the blood that somehow made her sick.  He was to find out very quickly that neither was the case.  With each shake of her body, he started hearing large cracks and pops. He saw what looked like her upper thighs shrinking and her feet lengthening.  Rubbing his eyes and stepping closer, he knew that this wasn't an illusion.  Olivia, although in deep pain, turned her head toward her husband, smiled and said: "Hon-honey-ey.... I...I....I think it's Wooooorkkkkinggg!"  Her nose was being pushed outword, pulling her lip and making it difficult to speak.  "juu...uuu...uuusssst to.... agh!... to... reeeeee!  reaaaaeeeee!  squeeee!"  her words were lost to the same type of squeals which normally came from this barn. With a large pop, her pelvis changed position, to accommodate a new form of locomotion.  her thumbs and big toes receded up the legs and arms, fingers merged and mutated into what looked like the trotters of an average pig.  Marty looked back up at the head of his wife to see all of her body hair had fallen out, being replaced by her large, floppy ears that were still growing.  By now, she started resembling more of a sow then a human... she even had a tail that started to curl upward.  There was a strange odor in the air coming from all of this changing flesh.  He had to step away and regain his thoughts.  With one hand covering his shocked mouth ant the other holding him up at the side of the barn door, he shouted to the star-lit-sky... "This-this CAN'T be... real?!?!"  After a few deep breaths he returned to his wife.  The changes were complete.  Laying in the same spot where Olivia just was, only moments before, was a common sow.  Common, except for being skinny (for a pig) and completely hairless.

Marty walked over to her, knelt down, lifted her head and said: "Honey?  ...Are... you still.... YOU?"  Olivia tried to respond, but all she could do is make squeals and grunts... so she stood up, looked him in the eye and nodded her head in response.  This calmed Marty somewhat, although he still could not believe what just happened.  Marty then asked: "Well, so how does it feel?"  Olivia took a few ackward steps, one after another and quickly got the hang of it.  She was thinking to herself "Wow, this IS a lot of fun!  I always wanted to know what it was like being an animal and...well now, this IS COOL!!!"  But in response to her husbands question, all she thought to do is draw a heart in the dirt with her trotters.  Marty knew that she would only do that if she was happy.  Marty stayed with her for about an hour, watching her trot around the room and play in the dirt.  After a while, she just lay beside him and put her head in his lap... She gently drifted to sleep.  Marty then brought the piglets one by one over to their new nurse-maid and they quickly found her teats.  As Marty left his new sow, he went to bed for some much needed sleep.  He halfway wished that this was all a dream.  But alas... It was not.  Olivia awoke briefly to seel the piglets, made sure that they were safe and quickly fell asleep, assuming her motherly instincts to her adopted  piglets.

The next morning, Olivia awoke being tickled by the little trotters of the litter, playing around her.  She stood up, almost forgetting about her new form and looked around.  "wow, this is an interesting point of view!" she thought to herself.  Since the door was left open, I think I will explore the world outside for the first time as a true sow... As Olivia trotted out of the pen, she couldn't help notice all of the intense odors coming from every animal, every piece of wood and even every clump of mud.  Walking around on all fours seemed to come natural to her.  It is as though she was meant to be a sow.  She tried experimenting with a trotting... then running around the pen... she found it interesting how agile pigs actually are!  She was somewhat athletic in her new form.

A strange notice seem to startle her... it was the footsteps of Marty heading to her.  At first, her animal instincts took hold and she only saw him as "some human man"... but then her memories caught up to her and she knew that he was someone special to her.  It was strange to realize that her instincts made some of her human memories start to fade... It was as if her human mind and her porcine mind was at a battle with each other.  She started to think... "I better control myself or I may get lost as a common sow forever.

Marty brought some food out to the pen.  "Big Bruiser" was the first to run over to the troth, claiming his dominance over his small herd.  He filled it up as much as he could and waited, watched... Bruiser seemed to not to let his sow get any until he has had his fill.  Marty saw this as a show of dominance and thought it funny.  "Hm, Olivia, he is sure showing you who's boss!"  Well it looks like you are having fun, so I will leave you alone for a while... I have to go into town today.

After Marty left, Bruiser finally trotted off to his favorite corner to rest after his big meal.  Olivia was left to have her favorite meal of slop... She knew all she had to do was smell the air around the food and her instincts would guide her to eat... no mater how gross she thought it was.  As soon as she sniffed the air, she closed her eyes and found it appetizing.  Before too long she opened her pig eyes to see that she was eating more then she ever thought possible.  The next few days seemed the same.  A very simple life: eat, sleep and nurse.  Marty would stop by every few hours to check and make sure she was fine.

One month had passed.  Marty awoke one morning to find he had noticed two distinct differences.  The first, was obvious.  Olivia had gained a tremendous amount of weight.  She was filling out her porcine body as it should be.  The second thing Marty noticed, was that his once human wife started producing small, thin white hairs all over.  Her porcine coat was coming in, finalizing her true form as a common sow.  He had realized that so much time had passed already, he wondered if she even cared about him any more, since she was always guarding her nursing litter.  He took a chance and stepped into the pen.  "Olivia" he said.  "Olivia, it's me, Marty...Your uh-husband!"  Marty saw her ears perk up and she seemed to smile at him, blinked her eyes a few times and nodded... Showing him that she still has her mind.  Being satisfied with that thought, he figured to let the litter nurse and leave them be.  Upon turning around to leave, he saw Bruiser racing toward his direction, lifting his head and snorting.  Marty took this as a sign of aggression and quickly hopped the fence.  The boar just stood there watching every move Marty made.  It was clear that Olivia assumed the roll she was made to play... she was part of Bruisers herd and he would protect her.

Marty smiled as now he knew that she is fine and this whole experience is almost over... Only one more month to the show, the piglets are showing signs of weening off of their adopted mother and she would be changing back soon.  Marty was content with all of this, but if he only knew all of the internal struggles which had faced his wife.

Olivia was watching Bruiser more and more.  Noticing a change in his attitude.  Deep down, she knew this meant something important, but she couldn't concentrate on her thoughts as she used to.  This did worry her as she was so happy with her new life that she almost didn't care to change back.

The last piglet stopped suckling her teat and ran off to play with the others.  When Olivia stood up to stretch and move out of the barn, she noticed something about her, too.  She felt different and smelt different.  she stood there for a moment trying to figure out why.  Then, it finally occurred to her... Her nipples hurt and she couldn't help twitching her muscles of her vagina.  Because her roll of nursing was over, her natural body was ready... Ready to be a mother for herself!  "Oh God, no!" She thought to herself.  this is way to early... I have another month to go, how am I going to refuse this urge... to be a mother... hmmm... might not be so bad.... agh.. wait!"  She was starting to be betrayed by her porcine thoughts... I can resist this... I will resist this, I MUST!"

She trotted out of the barn and into the open pen.  She knew to stay clear of the boar and just try to concentrate on memories.  Olivia had to relieve herself, which she has done many times before as a sow.  After doing her business she trotted over to the piglets to see if they were interested in nursing to try to stop her body from going into heat.  But the piglets had no interest.  She then noticed Bruiser trotting over to sniff her urine and then licking the dirt where she was just at moments before.
As she stood there watching her, she couldn't help but sniff the air.  She could smell him.  But he smelt different too.  It was such a tempting odor.  with her nose raised high, she was slowly trotting in his direction.  Olivia suddenly stopped in her tracks.  "What am I doing?!?!" the sow thought to herself as the boars attention drew to the young sow.  "I can't let this happen... I am NOT a pig... well, I am, but I must still be ME!"  The eager boar sniffed the air and grabbed her scent.  He chased her around the pen until she flopped into the small wadding pool with a large splash.  The boar quickly lost interest and went back to his favorite corner to bed down.  "Whew, that was a close one."

Marty was getting anxious for the month to quickly be over.  He kept his eye on the calendar every day, wishing it was the next.  The following week, He noticed, he also had to care more for the other animals as well.  The horses barn needed cleaning, the cows needed milking and gates open and closed.  He nearly neglected the farm.  He almost forgot the he still has a responsibility as a farmer, even though his wife was currently one of his stock.  With more work being done, the days seem to pass by much easier.  "Wow, only 7 days left!"  Marty thought as he just marked off another day on his calendar.  "I better start referring back to that old book of magic, in case we missed something important."  Marty was about to find out that his assumption was right.  He paged through to the area marked on the book and at the second paragraph after the spells directions, he read something that made him shiver.  The paragraph stated that the subject transformed should change back on the night of the date spoken upon the setting of the sun.  UNLESS the subject is matted and pregnant.  Marty franticly read on... If the previous scenario takes place, the only way for the subject to regain his/her original form is to preform the following spell.  Marty quickly marked the page and ran outside.

He found the two pigs snuggled up to each other as it was a cold day, took his cattle prod and zapped the boar and guided him out to the outer pen and closed the gate.  He walked back to Olivia and started talking to her.  She did not respond.  She only resumed sniffing the dirt around her and looked up at her husband.  Marty then shouted.  "Honey, me?"  his big sow nodded, snuggled up to him and licked his hand.  "Well, I'm glad I have such a loyal wife!"  Marty thought to himself as he slowly walked out of the pen and back to his house for some much needed sleep.

The following week, Marty worked as hard as he could, as to make the days fly by as quickly as possible.   Finally, it was Saturday morning.  Marty hardly slept a wink as he knew this was the day of the big fair... The night that he would have his wife back.  He skipped breakfast as he was eager to load up his sow and head to the fair early.  The fair had many events, each seemed to take forever as he only thought of his wife and how they used to be when they were together.  It was time to bring out the sows for judging.  There were many hogs of every shape, size and color.  When it was his turn to bring out his beloved sow, she was met with many cheers and applause.  He walked her around the judges, they checked her out and he tied her up to one of the pens post to await the final hogs and then the results of the contest.  Olivia was ashamed and humiliated at first with all the people looking at her as just a common pig.  That thought eventually gave way to all the smells and grunts of the other sows.  She found herself competing against the other sows as she wanted to be the best pig in the arena.  She was actually proud of all the cheers she received.

The time finally arrived for judging.  The lively crowd quickly was silenced as Mr. Briggs (the county fair's commissioner) read the two runners up.  Finally he read the name "Bessa."  Olivia just stood there looking around as Marty raised his arms in excitement.  Bessa was the name Marty quickly wrote down as many other farmers knew of his wife's name.  One of the judges grabbed Bessa's rope and led her up the stage.  Marty waited and knelt by his prized sow as people swarmed the area for a picture of the winning pig.  After a few moments, Marty was called over to claim the cash prize.  As he received his money, he looked around for his sow.  She was not on the stage anymore.  He ran over to the booth and said, "Wheres my Olivia...I mean, my Bessa?"  Two of the judges walked over with a smile and said "Well you know our tradition... The 1st prize money is a payment... we just baught your pig for much more then she was worth... Now we will all have a meal of her for tonight's dinner/dance!"  Marty's heart was pounding.  "NOOOOO!...  Where is she NOW?!?! I want her back!!!... "The area around them grew silent with curious faces.  Mr. Briggs came running out of the back stage area as he over heard the commotion.  "Don't you worry so much, son..." he said.  "You can have your Bessa back AND keep the money if you wish... We don't DARE slaughter a pregnant sow."  Marty relaxed his shoulders and gasp for a breath.  "Wait, what do you mean... pregnant?"  Mr. Briggs smirked and said, "well son, you must have a very  horny boar in your stock... you've got a future litter on your hands!"  Marty was silent and did not say another word as he loaded his pregnant, prized pig.  It would be a VERY long drive back to his farm.

Marty's thoughts were cluttered with guilt, as he should have separated the two pigs much sooner than he did.  But was it the fact that she couldn't get away from Bruiser, or was she just not loyal, curious maybe to see what it was like to be a true pig?  "Great" said Marty... "I am jealous of a boar!"  Before butting her back in her pen, he made sure that Bruiser locked up in the other pin.  He guided his wife off of the trailer and into the small barn.  He sat in front of her and simply said "WHY?!?!"  Olivia did not know what he was talking about.  She just gave him a blank stare and tilted her head in confusion.  "Honey?  Do you know that you are Pregnant?!?!"  Olivia in fact did understand those words very well, as this was something she feared deep inside.  She wanted very much to talk to her husband as she did not even remember the encounter.  Although, there were many times through the last month that she just got so used to being a pig, that she just blanked out for days at a time, letting her instincts take over.  Marty could see the shocked expression in Olivia's eyes as she backed into a corner and put her head down in the hay.  Her instincts had one the battle.

Referring back to the book, he has nothing else to do but to read it from cover to cover.  He finds the pages he marked earlier and is confident he knows what to do to save her humanity.  The biggest concern is, however... he has to wait until she gives birth to her litter and finish nursing them.  This means, another 3 months or so, then the nursing period of another 2 months.  Marty decides to make sure he has all the supplies the book says to use for the transformation spell.  One of the important items being, a sample of human hair from when she was human.  He runs to teh bathroom and searches for her brush.  Sure enough, it is loaded with much hair.  He knows it is all hers, as she was a bit picky with her hygiene.  Knowing that all he has to do now is wait, he figures just to run the farm as he would normally by working as hard as he can to keep his mind off of the fact that he is married to an animal.

Olivia did not eat very much.  At this point, she thought that she had failed and just figured that she just needs to focus on her pregnancy... her new family.  She gave in to her insticts through this period and would sometimes look at Marty as nothing more, then just some human, her caretaker.  The weeks came and went.  Marty was almost afraid to go over to the pin, because he was ashamed that she was going to give birth to simple farm animals.  He even let the gate open again so she could have the company of Bruiser to keep her company.  He was over the fact that he could be jealous over an animal, besides... He can't get her mover pregnant than she already is.  Smiling at that fact, he let the boar in... The two pigs greeted each other by rubbing snouts and laying next to each other.  At least Olivia seems happy now.

Olivia gave birth in the middle of the night.  Marty awoke to long squeals and grunts and ran to see if she was okay.  By the time he arrived, he saw that she had given birth to 1 boar, 3 sows and 1 still-born sow.  Two of the little piglets had the same markings of Bruiser and one of the sows looked just like her mother.  He noticed Bruiser licking up the afterbirth and decided to lock him up in case he gets violent with the new litter.  At this time the old sow, Norma's litter had grown much bigger and decided to separate them as well.  Olivia looked up at Marty and gave a long, sad grunt.  As if she wished that the litter was from him, instead of some common pig.  By this time, Marty had been calling her Bessa, as he thought it made her more comfortable.  Marty stayed with the small herd of hogs for the rest of the morning, just so he could make sure everything was okay.

More weeks had passed.  Bessa had all but forgotten that she was human at all, as her instincts even made her guarding her litter from Marty.  Marty took offense to this and was wandering if she would ever want to change back at all.  With a sad, yet comforting smile, he closed the gate and left her to her young.  He had decided to treat her like a normal sow for the rest of the nursing period, giving her the space
she needs to decide what she wants for her future.  About 7 months after Olivia made her change, Marty finally noticed not just Bruiser taking more interest in his wife, but one of the boars from the first litter of the old sow.  Time had flown by, but what did that time do to Olivia's mind?  It was now time to ask her... If she could even understand him at all any more.

Marty took a deep breath and strolled over to the small barn.  He opened the door, separated the litter from their mother and placed them in the pen with the others.  Olivia knew that something was different but was very confused.  She knew she had to do something, but her mind and memories were so foggy.  She just approached her caretaker and lay beside him.  Marty placed hes hand on her head rubbed her ears.  After a few moments he said... "Olivia?  Can you hear me?"  ...there was no response, just a blank stare.  "Olivia?  I am your husband, do you remember me?  You are a human... Remember?"  In Olivia's mind, she knew that she had to try and concentrate on his words... she knew that something was important so she rose her head, liked his face and tilted her head in curiosity.
Marty continued... "Honey, you have to make a choice now.  I can change you back if you want, but for the spell to work, YOU need to want to change... YOU need to concentrate to change or it won't work.  So I will ask again... DO YOU WANT to change back to being HUMAN?  ...Back to being my wife?  Olivia, knowning she could not respond, she stood up, closed her eyes and thought hard about the words.  A few moments went by and Marty was about to give up and leave.  As he stood up with tears in his eyes, he felt a tug at his leg.  Olivia had drawn a heart in the dirt.  But this time, it had an arrow pointing in his direction.  she kept bobbing her head as she seemed to be nodding.  Marty was ecstatic.  He told her to wait and he would return so they can start.

Marty returned with the book and a bag of items.  He drew a star with a circle around the sow, placed candles at each point of the star and promptly lit them.  He then wrapped the hair he found on her old brush around an ear of corn and fed it to her.  Olivia sniffed the corn and quickly gulped it down as he  started the words.

"Succanta Lanutca..."  "Onna Ranoto"  "Lunacia Deppi"  "Porcus Novo Homo"

The candles started to flicker as he saw the sow start to violently shake.  She fell on her side and while kicking her legs about, he could see the muscles quiver and pulsate.  With the heavy, rapid breathing he could start hearing the pops and cracks he remembered during her first transformation.  One of the hard nail parts of her trotters fell off, revealing what looked halfway human fingers.  He looked at her face as he saw her eyes become more recognizable.  Marty then wandered, "She now weighs like around 450 lbs.  How is she going to look when shes human again, how do you loose that much mass?"  His thoughts were interrupted by a deep hacking like sound... By this time she was trying to stand up on all fours, then he saw something disgusting... She started throwing up lumps of pig fat from her mouth.  The smell was so pungent that Marty had to leave the barn.  He heard the hacking continue and being interrupted but the occasional moan.  After a few minutes, he hacking was finished, Marty ran back in the barn to find his naked wife, laying next to a large pile of lard and the shells of pig trotters.  Olivia was silent, but breathing.  Although completely bald, she was just as he remembered her... Beautiful.  He know that her hair would eventually grow back in, the important thing being, that she is now human again.  Marty then picked up his wife and brought her back in the house and placed her on the bed.  He fell quickly asleep, his arm wrapped around his wife, as to keep her away from any other weird books.

The next morning, Marty awoke to see his wife was not there... "What?  That wasn't a dream, was it?"  Marty raced down the stairs looked around to find the back door open.  He ran outside to see his naked wife standing, staring at the pig pens.  "Honey?"  Olivia turned around, jumped into his arms and smiled.  "I am back... in body and mind... I want to start a real family... with YOU! Thank you so much dearest for bringing me back... I can remember almost not wanting to be human again.  But that was only my motherly instincts talking.  I'm glad that you knew to be patient and to believe in the books magic.  If not for you, I would still be wallowing in that mud.  I am human again!"

The End
Girl to pig TF

An story trade with TempleOfHephaestus :icontempleofhephaestus:
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